The Drunken Trivia Tale

After decade of writing and compiling quiz questions, in 2019 Drunken Trivia was ready to launch in app form.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Drunken Trivia aims to bring more excitement to parties and pre-drinks around the world.

And while the concept of Drunken Trivia isn't your stock standard quiz game already, the questions themselves have a unique element.

Because you won’t find many questions like this: Which actor plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones? Or: On what date did man first land on the moon?

These are questions in which you either know the answer or don’t; whereas the big focus of the questions with Drunken Trivia encourages you to think to work out the answers.
Take this question: What is the difference between poison and venom?

Most people won't know the answer at first.

However everyone knows facts about poison and venom and by exploring our knowledge on the topic we can work out the answer.

We know venom and poison are both toxic to the body. We know snakes, spiders and scorpions are venomous and they deliver the venom by means of a sting or bite.

We know poison can be found in the form of chemicals, berries, mushrooms and gasses.

If you compare the venomous things to the poisonous things, we can ascertain venom enters the body by sting or bite infecting the circulatory system while poisons gain entry by being swallowed or inhaled effecting the digestive system.

You knew it all along!

Ok, now you know the concept, it times to get your friends together, play the quizzes, have fun and drink responsibly.