The rules of Drunken Trivia are not set in stone, a bit like Uno people around the world play with different rules and getting into arguments about the rules is half the fun.

However if an argument cannot be settled, look below for some guidance.

And remember, the information icon in the top right corner of the screen can also provide some guidance in this area.

Who should be the quiz master and hold the phone?
Option 1: One quiz master who asks all the questions. If someone is staying sober, they are a great candidate to be the quiz master.

Option 2: Rolling quiz master, ask a question and pass the phone to the person to your right.

There is one type of question that is contentious when it comes to who is asking the question and that is 'The question for everyone'. The quiz master is not allowed to answer the question themself but they also have immunity from drinks.

The quiz master can play a long with every other type of question.
Question for player X
This question can only be answered by the player listed on the screen.

If that player is holding the phone, pass the phone to another player.

They have one guess, get it wrong, they have to drink, get it right, nominate a player of your choice to drink.
Question for everyone
The first person to yell out the right answer wins. If a question only has a few possible answers, the quiz master can use their discretion to call "only one answer allowed each".

For team play, whoever gets the correct answer wins the round for their whole team.
Who is the Closest
These are questions with a numeric answer.

The screen will tell you who has to make the first guess.

Go around the room in a clockwise manner putting in guesses. For team play make one guess as a team each.

Once all answers are locked in reveal the answer, closest team wins. If a player or team gets the answer exactly right, other players/ team has to finish their drink.
Categories question
We have all played categories before and this is no different.

The app will let you know what the category is and who starts.

First person to not think of an answer or repeat an answer losers.

If a player is takes more than 30 seconds to answer, tell them they have 10 more seconds then start counting down. Heckling encouraged.
Representatives Quiz (Team play)
The app asks you to choose a player from each team to represent the team and will provide the topic the question is on.

Once the players are selected, make them stand up and face off.

The quiz master can then go to the next screen which will have the question.

First person to yell out the answer wins.
I lost! How much do I need to drink as punishment?
The amount of drinks you need to take it is represented by the amount of beer icons at the top of the screen.

It will always be 1,2 or 3.
Was there anything else that needs clarifying?

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